Mt. Annapurna I Expedition

The tenth highest mountain in the world Annapurna I was the first eight-thousander to be conquered and lies 34km east of Dhaulagiri. Annapurna range stretches for 55km and is made up of a series of peaks. Between this massif and the Dhaulagiri range flows the great Kali Gandaki river which has varved what is believed to be the worlds’ deepest gorge with an eight-thousander on either side. Translated from Sanskrit, Annapurna world mean “Full of Grain” but is generally known as the “Goddess of Harvests”. This area has been well protected under the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), one of the most successful conservation projects. Four other peaks in this range share the name Annapurna I, Annapurna II 7,937m, Annapurna III 7,555m, Annapurna IV 7,525m and Annapurna South 7,219m.

As the French expedition led by Maurice Herzog in 1950 had come with the intension of climbing Dhaulagiri, it took them two weeks to locate Annapurna I after they changed their plans. This was an unusual way to climb a peak in the daunting Himalayas because the mountain had remained unexplored. Finding a way to the peak they decided to climb it and pulled off a remarkable feat by ascending it on their first attempt. They climbed up the north face of the mountain and it was Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal who made it to the top on 3rd June 1950m, just before the monsoon arrived. This was a historic moment in mountaineering history as until then no human had climbed a peak over eight thousand meters in height. The first Nepali citizen to emulate this feat was Sonam Walung Sherpa on 13th October 1977.

MAXIMUM : 38 Days
ENTRY : Baglung
EXIT : Pokhara

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01 Arrivals in Kathmandu transfer to hotel
Day 02 Document apply for Annapurna expedition permit
Day 03 Preparation for expedition in Kathmandu
Day 04 Drive from Kathmandu to Baglung
Day 05 Trek Baglung to Beni
Day 06 Trek Beni to Tatopani
Day 07 Trek Tatopani to Ghasa
Day 08 Trek Ghasa to Lete
Day 09 Trek Lete to Dhulo Bukhing
Day 10 Trek Dhulo Bukhing to Phang Base Camp
Day 11 Trek Phang Base Camp to Annapurna I Base Camp
Day 12-29 Climbing period of Annapurna I 8,091m
Day 30 Trek Base Camp to Dhulo Bukhing
Day 31 Trek Dhulo Bukhing to Lete
Day 32 Trek Lete to Ghasa
Day 33 Trek Ghasa to Tatopani
Day 34 Trek Tatopani to Ghorepani
Day 35 Trek Ghorepani to Birethanti
Day 36 Drive from Birethanti to Pokhara to Kathmandu
Day 37 Rest days at Kathmandu
Day 38 Departure your destination